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CherryPlayer 2.2.7 Released! (English version)

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New features added:

1. Added support drag&drop twitch urls (game, video, stream and channel profile) from browser to playlist, related metadata will be loaded for added twitch item.

2. Added support "Open Url" twitch urls (game, video, stream and channel profile), related metadata will be loaded for added to playlist twitch item, and either stream/video playback will start or game/channel profile page will be opened.

3. Added support command line in installer to use it in web installer. Web installer will install all time latest version of CherryPlayer. Web installer will be available for downloading on main website sooner.

Fixed bugs:

1. Fixed sometimes stopped video and music online playback. This issues was very visible during playback VK video, sometimes during radio playback.

2. Fixed sometimes stopped video playback after Pause/Resume for YouTube videos.

3. Fixed sometimes still continue buffering for a few seconds played online music/video after pressed stop.

4. Fixed incorrect worked fullscreen controls if enter into fullscreen mode on NOT primary monitor (fullscreen controls were shown on Primary monitor when player/fullscreen window is on another NOT primary monitor).

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!
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