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CherryPlayer 2.0.1 pre-release testing version! :)

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We prepared installer with last CherryPlayer version we have. It has all fixes we described in our last posts and in this one. You can download it from, test and report any critical bugs found. Next days this CherryPlayer version will be released officially on main website page. We want to sign installer that can delay a bit official release.

Also please contact us here or mail to if you want to see your language to be supported in CherryPlayer official release. For now CherryPlayer supports English, German(partially), Russian and Swedish languages.

Last fixes:
1. Added modal YouTube download dialog to select format to download.
2. Added ability to change download folder.
3. Show "downloading" animation icon instead of static "download" icon for being downloaded items.
4. Added tooltip with changed progress text if mouse over "downloading" animation icon or "progress".
5. Now downloaded YouTube WEBM format will be saved on disk with MKV extension as WEBM video related to MKV container.
6. Show "Open Containing Folder" instead of static "download" icon for files located on PC.
7. Improved a bit searching tops on
8. Improved a bit searching tops on SoundCloud.
9. Fixed incorrect file started to play after opening file(s) if position of "My Tracks" and "My videos" playlists in left panel different from default.
10. Added ability to move VK login dialog.
11. Corrected work of "download" button for playlist items.
12. Added support deinterlacing during video playback.
13. Added support multithread software decoding for video playback.
14. Removed close button for items in search results playlist.
15. Improved tooltip working in some cases when tooltip text is being changed for the same control.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!


  1. Vitaliy's Avatar
    Please help us to create a list of features you want to see fixed the first in coming CherryPlayer releases so we better planned our fixes. Please write here a list of features/bugs sorted by priority that you want to see fixed in coming CherryPlayer releases.