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New bugs fixed and features added

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Last days fixed:

1. Fixed selection of 2 videos in YouTube playlists during playback.
2. Improved play/pause item state when start playback, show "pause" during loading source.
3. Fixed "stop" during loading source that works now.
4. Fixed absent "close" button to remove tracks from music playlists when selected 2th or 3th playlist preview style.
5. Added feature to hide/show left panel with playlists.
6. Fixed playback VK tracks added to Music playlist that belongs to VK group with access denied to these tracks.

Below is screenshot how CherryPlayer looks with hidden left panel with playlists.
Click image for larger version. 

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Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!
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  1. Nick Münstermann's Avatar
    Look's good. .. How do i get these features? Just download the Beta again?^^
  2. Vitaliy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Münstermann
    Look's good. .. How do i get these features? Just download the Beta again?^^
    We only completed yesterday with returning back YouTube downloading and now it works for YouTube Vevo files, with new download dialog and nicer design. Today we added support deinterlacing and multithread software decoding for video playback.

    So 2.0.1 release is mostly ready. It has more then 40 fixes comparing to CherryPlayer 2.0.0 beta including a few new features and a lot of bugs fixed. We are testing now CherryPlayer and waiting this time for reply from a person that translated CherryPlayer to German language. We should release CherryPlayer when we receive German translation completed. We hope official 2.0.1 release will be available in 1-2 days.
  3. Nick Münstermann's Avatar
    Sounds good .. I can do the part of the Translation in to German
    Just say me how to translate it (only tell you the German words?) , and I'll do it^^ I think CherryPlayer is a great tool! Simple it good^^ btw. thanks for the fast answer.
    Updated 11-14-2013 at 09:27 PM by Nick Münstermann
  4. Vitaliy's Avatar
    You can download installer with last CherryPlayer pre-release version from, install CherryPlayer and find languages folder where CherryPlayer.exe was installed, inside find German.ini text file. Then you need to translate right part of all English strings in this txt file. After editing and saving changes please restart player to see your changes (of course you need to select German as your language in CherryPlayer main menu).

    To add new language enough to copy English.ini file, open it and update all right strings to your language, then upload this file to us; or you can manually add your created language file name in "languages/_setup.ini" where also increase "count" of languages +1. Also need to add the name of this new created language into all languages ini files "[Language]" section.
  5. Nick Münstermann's Avatar
    It's alright i would do it but when i'll download it from "" it means:
    "We have no access through proxy server. Sorry for inconvinience! "
    I think that i can't download it ^^ Please share it on a other way too.
  6. Vitaliy's Avatar
    Sorry for delay in reply. Preparing stable 2.0.1 release took more time then we expected.

    You can find last stable 2.0.1 release on main page. It has supported German translation. Please give us to know if you find any bugs in 2.0.1 version that we should fix ASAP!