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CherryPlayer 2.4.8 released

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New features:

1. Added ability to change font size of all text in player. You can change font size:
- "Main menu" -> "Skin" -> "Font size"
- "Window settings" -> tab "Skin" -> "Font size"
Increased default font size to 15px.
2. Added search timeout 15 seconds.
3. Added support opening url link from video description.
4. Translated player to Hungarian, Korean and Slovenian.

1. Moved YouTube video description to video bar in right part.
2. Increased font of YouTube video description.

1. Click on button sometimes show tooltip.
2. Aspect ratio in menu does not work properly.
3. YouTube video has now channel name in playlist if drag&drop video on player/playlist.
4. Copy text of youtube description does not work.
5. Click on Menu "Settings" -> "Twitch settings" and "YouTube settings" do not work.
6. Context menu to copy text is not shown when right click on video chat/comments panel.
7. Twitch page filter has empty list.
8. Select media type does not work properly in "Open Url" dialog window.
9. Copy text in chat does not work.
10. Copy url does not work.
11. Copy title does not work.
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