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CherryPlayer 2.4.7 released

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New features:
1. Save now history of browsing between playlists. Added two buttons "Previous" and "Next" to return to previously opened playlists. Added support hot keys 'Shift+Tab' to return to previous playlist(s) and 'Ctrl+Tab' to forward to next playlist(s).
Show context menu if left click and hold or right click on "Previous"/"Next" buttons. Show name of page on top bar after moving to previous/next page and hide this name after 10 seconds.
2. Added ability to sort playlist by name and duration, save and cancel changes.
3. Added "Find more" command in "+" menu for item in playlists.
4. Added "Copy title" option in "+" menu and in item's context menu.
5. Added ability to rename audio/video name in user playlists via menu or press F2.
6. Added ability to shuffle playlist.
7. Added ability to add File, Url or Folder to active playlist using menu.
8. Press F5 will reload playlist.
9. Press Tab in playlist will forward focus to "Find" panel if it is visible.
10. Added to player "Recent media" feature with settings.
11. F6 will show more results on page.
12. Added ability to select if add playlist items to either top or bottom of User's playlist.

13. Drag & Drop folder and files on playlist will add all files only to this playlist without sorting files by type Music or Video.
14. Replaced playlist view 3 buttons to one button with context menu.

15. Fixed shown text "Create new playlist" outside of input form to enter new playlist name when left panel is short in width.
16. "Show more" button is shown now when move to the end of playlist using 'PageDown', 'Down' or 'End' keys.

New features:
1. Added ability to start music playback in "Music mode" and start video playback in "Video mode" or "Fullscreen". These settings can be changed via menu or in playback settings dialog.
2. At next player start select now the best video quality equal to last selected played video quality if it is missed.
3. Added "Play in a new window" option to playlist item context menu to start playback music/video in new player window.
4. Added "Copy title" option in "+" menu in caption.
5. Added "Find more" option in "+" menu in caption. For example, when radio is played and track name is shown in title you can click on "Find more" or Alt+F to search for tracks with the same name.
6. Added feature to play playlist in the opposite direction with ability to change these settings.

7. Player window is not updated now to default video size if player window view is in video mode or fullscreen.
8. Player window is not updated now to default video size if playback is restarted or reconnected to server when lost connection.
9. Playback music files without video from video playlists will not show black screen now.
10. Duration and position text on timeline has a link view and supports countdown playback status tooltip. Pressing on it will turn on/off countdown playback time.
11. Rebuilt maximize & minimize video logic. It is sometimes annoying that minimized video is maximized at start next video playback when you are looking on playlist.
- now next video is not maximized at start playback if it was minimized before
- minimized video can be maximized or not depends from settings if you started playback from playlist
- if video is minimized then next video can be played or not depends from settings.

12. Fixed crash player if video was being played and computer is returned back to work from sleep mode.
13. Returned back ability to show video settings dialog over fullscreen even if fullscreen is on top.
14. Reset playback rate to normal if start new file playback.
15. Sometimes cursor is hidden in fullscreen mode over chat/comments bars.
16. Fixed error in loading last saved player settings if start playback file from windows explorer in portable version.


New features:
1. Support now playback 160p video quality.

2. Changes in showing Twitch video quality text:
- do not show 30fps in text and show only 60fps in text
- show "mobile", "low", "high", "medium" video quality text if video has
- show "source" quality text instead of "1080p" text.


1. Fixed missing video and channel info if play YouTube video at start player.
2. Fixed broken playback/downloading of some videos.
3. Fixed missing 'channel' name in search results.


1. Fixed search and playback.

2. Updated search filters.


1. Fixed playback.

Window settings dialog

New features:
1. Added ability to start now a few CherryPlayer instances that works by default.
Also added ability to change these settings to start only one CherryPlayer instance always or start only one CherryPlayer instance only if open file from Windows Explorer.
2. Added ability to show/hide 'CherryPlayer' in caption.
3. Added ability to turn on/off snap player window to desktop edges.
4. Added ability to show/hide tooltips.
5. Added On top settings. Added ability to setup custom On top settings to get player on top in normal, music and/or video modes, always or only while playing music and/or video.
6. Added ability to turn on/off keep player on top in fullscreen.

Playback settings dialog

New features:
1. Added ability to turn of/off pause playback when click on video.
2. Added ability to turn on/off countdown playback time.
3. Added ability to turn on/off showing tooltips over timeline.
4. Added ability to setup if need to resize player window to video size when played video from computer, Twitch, YouTube and/or played another video.
5. Added ability to setup start music playback in "Normal mode" or "Music mode" and start video playback in "Normal mode", "Video mode" or "Fullscreen".
6. Added ability to setup back/forward jump intervals on timeline, by default 5 seconds(Left/Right), 30 seconds (Ctrl+Left/Right), 1 minute(Shift + Left/Right), 5 minutes (Alt + Ctrl + Left/Right).

Video settings dialog

New features:
1. Added ability to rotate video.
2. Added ability to show minimized video with different size
- default size
- constant size: proportionally to half of display resolution
- dynamic size: proportionally to the video area size.

Keys settings dialog

New features:
1. Added ability to turn on/off support multimedia keyboard with options
- Enable/disable global hot keys for multimedia keyboard
- Turn on/off volume control at multimedia keyboard
- Turn on/off search control at multimedia keyboard; press on Global search control will move player to foreground and will search for currently played music/video.

For example, you can now use multimedia keyboard to play previous/next music/video, change volume up/down or mute when player window is minimized or inactive.


New features:
1. Added in menu option "Open a New Window" (Ctrl+N) to start new CherryPlayer instance.
2. Press F10 will show main menu and it is possible to navigate over menu items using keyboard.
3. Tooltips includes now also shortcuts if exist.
4. Press 'F1' will show "About" dialog.

5. Completely rebuilt full menu structure.
6. Move cursor to begin when text field lost focus.
7. Show pointing hand cursor if mouse is over any button. Show usual arrow cursor if button is disabled. Pointing cursor means that action will be executed when you click on button.
8. Rebuilt "close" functionality for dialogs.

9. Now click on button around a logo to show main menu will hide menu if it is visible.
10. Now next visible window on Windows desktop will receive focus if minimize player to taskbar.
11. Show now login and settings dialogs in fullscreen even if fullscreen is on Top.
12. Show tooltips for disabled buttons too.
13. After closing dialog with Alt+F4 dialog is not shown at next start.


1. Completely changed structure of translation files.
2. Updated English, Russian and Ukrainian translation files to follow new structure.
3. All other supported languages can be found in folder "languages/need_to_update_in_2_4_7", so you can review old translation files and update them to new structure.
4. Optimized translation functionality.
5. You can add new language to player. Click on menu "Language"->"Add new language" will show notepad with default template where you need to update right part of text in every line with your translation. Also you can mail this updated file to [email protected].


New features:
1. Added ability to store settings either in registry or in the settings.ini file.

2. Rebuilt settings structure.


1. Improved perfomance of player's UI.
2. Changed color of url links in youtube comments and twitch chat from dark blue to light gray.
3. Improved behavior of search field.
4. Show radio button in menu instead of check box where necessary.
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