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CherryPlayer 2.4.6 beta

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You can download 2.4.6 beta version with important fixes and support compact "Music mode" here:

1. Player window freezes if click on YouTube downloading. It is old bug that we fixed.
2. Selecting video quality during playback YouTube and Twitch. It is downgrade in 2.4.5.
3. If start video playback first time then hot keys do not work, need to click on video window. It is downgrade of perfomance optimization in 2.4.5.
4. Added some optimization to start player faster.
5. Fixed broken video window view if play music file from "Video" playlists and it has not video streams.

1. Added compact "Music mode".
2. Added support hot keys to switch between player modes:
"Normal mode" Ctrl+Shift+Enter
"Music mode" Shift+Enter
"Video mode" Ctrl+Enter
"Fullscreen mode" Alt+Enter
3. Added submenu "View" where moved "OnTop" submenu and added available player modes.

In coming 2.4.6 release:
- we want to add local seaching in playlist
- arabic language will be supported.

Please share information about CherryPlayer 2.4.6 beta in internet.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
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