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CherryPlayer 2.4.4 released

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In new version:

1) fixed crash player
2) video list in YouTube subsscriptions looks the same to video list on official website, video list sorted by date
3) improved online music playback
4) fixed errors in reading some m3u playlists
5) fixed shown incorrect Arabic text in window title.

About future plans to improve player. If you follow for player development then you know that player is completely free and has not advertisement, so we have not any revenue from player. Player development is continue more then 5 years and takes much time.

We do not add to player installer toolbars and adware because we know that antiviruses will complaint about this, we know that these toolbars and adware can change start page in your browser, can show advertisement etc.

We do not release paid Pro version because adding payment functionality in player, testing and future support will take much time.

For now we think video advertisement that we can add to player is the best option to earn money with player to continue development, and in the same time video advertisement is safe for your computer because player will NOT install toolbars or adware on your computer. To add video advertisement in player need that more users use player. So if you want to see player free and with new features then please help player to be popular, please write about player in Internet, on forums, on YouTube, in social networks.

We would like to add in next release compact video mode.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
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