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CherryPlayer 2.4.4 beta news

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We should release CherryPlayer 2.4.4 very sooner where we have fixed:

1) video list in YouTube subsscriptions will look the same to video list on official website, video list will be sorted by date
2) fixed errors in reading some m3u playlists

New features:
1) Added support new music service

Also in version 2.4.3 player shows error and is closed sometimes. This error will be fixed in new player version 2.4.4.

About support login to Twitch and ability to send messages in Twitch chat. This functionality is supported but disabled temporary in 2.4.3 due to some changes in Twitch api work. We can enable this functionality only in paid version of player.

Paid version of player is not available for now because adding payment functionality in player and testing will take much time. And we have not for now much requests about paid version of player.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
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