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CherryPlayer 2.4.3 released!

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In new version errors were fixed during playback music and video from Internet, also other errors were fixed and new features were added:

1. Playback from internet. Fixed errors in playback:
- some YouTube video
- Twitch video
- VK video
- SoundCloud music
- 4shared music and video.

2. Updated engine to play audio and video:
- improved YouTube playback; playback 480p, 1080p and 1440p starts now in a moment, before playback youtube 480p, 1080p and 1440p did not work sometimes
- support hardware acceleration for VP9 youtube codec
- support more audio and video codecs
- restart connection and continue playback from Internet if lost internet connection during audio/video playback.

3. Support playback Twitch 60fps video.

4. Show track name during radio playback.

5. Added in menu "After playback" submenu with options
Once: "Log off", "Lock", "Sleep", "Hibernate" or "Shutdown" computer, "Exit" player
Music, YouTube, Twitch or another video: "Do nothing" or "Play next".

6. Support now global hot keys that will work when player window has not active focus, minimized to taskbar or system tray
- "Ctrl+P" play/pause playback
- "Ctrl+K" stop playback
- "Ctrl+B" play previous media in playlist
- "Ctrl+F" play next media in playlist
- "Ctrl+M" mute/unmute.

7. Show buffering progress during playback from Internet.

8. Show tooltip with playback time if mouse over playback timeline.

Other not much visible but important updates:
1) Improved UI perfomance
2) Improved and optimized menu and hot keys functionality to setup later hot keys in settings
3) Improved active focus behaviour
4) Now fullscreen video window is not shown on the top of all windows. So if fullscreen mode is active then it is possible to Alt+Tab between windows and setup video in fullscreen using video settings dialog
5) Fixed not worked menu option "Clear" in playlist menu
6) Added ability to resize YouTube, Twitch and VK login dialogs
7) Current playback position is saved and restored if switch between video resolution
8) Other fixes.

About future plans to improve player. If you follow for player development then you know that player is completely free and has not advertisement, so we have not any revenue from player. Player development is continue more then 5 years and takes much time. When we started to talk about release paid Pro player version to continue player development then this idea was not liked to some users.

We do not add to player installer toolbars and adware because we know that antiviruses will complaint about this, we know that these toolbars and adware can change start page in your browser, can show advertisement etc.

For now we think video advertisement that we can add to player is the best option to earn money with player to continue development, and in the same time video advertisement is safe for your computer because player will NOT install toolbars or adware on your computer. To add video advertisement in player need that more users use player and then we will contact to advertisement companies with offer to show video advertisement in player.

So if you want to see player free and with new features then please help player to be popular, please write about player in Internet, on forums, on YouTube, in social networks, then probably player will be more popular and advertisement companies will be interested to show video advertisement in player, or additional exclusive features like "New Skins", "Login to Twitch" etc will cost just 1-2$, and free version will be improved all time.

We would like to add next new features to player if have time:
- Show new YouTube videos in "Subscriptions" playlist sorted by time
- Compact video mode
- Local search in playlist
- Buttons "Back"/"Forward" to move between playlists.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
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