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CherryPlayer Pro - paid version!

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We are working now on CherryPlayer Pro paid version. We developed free version of CherryPlayer last 5 years, users ask for support more and more new features in player, development and improvements to player takes much time... and we have not more ability to improve player for free.

CherryPlayer Pro paid version will have:

- Twitch and VK video playback will work

- YouTube will work better during playback 480p and 1080p, 1440p and 2140p (playback will start faster for some videos etc). Playback live streams error fixed. Error during playback some videos were fixed. Added support hardware acceleration for YouTube VP9 codec.

- added support more audio and video codecs

- improved http playback, added reconnect option if error during playback. also probably we will add also reconnect option after lost/restore internet connection.

- added new feature show track name during radio playback

- fixed not updated video picture if run game or any software with admin rights.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
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