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CherryPlayer 2.4.0 released!

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Last 5+ months we worked on improving player perfomance, fixing bugs and adding new features.

This release has 3 main updates:

1. First is much better YouTube support in player. We added ability to subscribe to channels, like and dislike video, load video description and YouTube comments, give you ability to comment video etc.

Also every YouTube category has now 200 "trending" videos, "live" videos and ability to select region.

In YouTube "Subscriptions" you can find new videos related to subscribed channels.

2. Second is completely re-built communication player UI with playback engine, fixed possible crashes and memory leaks, added ability for you to use system codecs for reading files, decode audio and video instead of built-in player codecs.

For example if you think that some external codecs installed in your system will play Twitch or YouTube streams better then you can say player to use these system codecs to play streams.

Also you can disable hardware acceleration for some videos if you want.

3. Third is adding new features like setup video aspect ratio and geometry (size and position), setup playback rate.

A lot of efforts we spent on optimizing UI perfomance, fixing different bugs in UI, improving hot keys work.

Probably you will value also new player feature - support panel with YouTube comments and Twitch chat in fullscreen.

More detailed list with updates is below

1. YouTube
1.1 Show new videos for subscribed channels. It is possible to choose now between latest videos or channels in "Subscriptions" playlist.
1.2 Added ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to channel.
1.3 Added ability to like/dislike video.
1.4 Show channel name over video.
1.5 Show video description over video. It is possible to select and copy description, added context menu to copy description.
1.6 Show video comments in right panel
- Sort video comments by "most popular" and "newest first"
- Added ability to add new comment to video
- Added ability to reply to comment
- Added ability to select and copy comment, added context menu to copy comment
- Click on link in comment will open link in user default browser
- Click on video time in comment will move playback to related position
- Support panel with comments in fullscreen mode too
- Button to hide/show panel with comments is located over video in right bottom corner.
Note: like/dislike YouTube comments is not supported by YouTube api so is not supported in player for now.
1.7 Every YouTube category has 200 "Trending" videos now.
1.8 Every YouTube category has "live" streams.
1.9 Added ability to choose region in YouTube categories.
1.10 Reload YouTube categories content every next day now, before content was reloaded after player restart. Reload YouTube categories every time when click on "Trending" or "Live" on top panel.
1.11 Fixed not played and not downloaded some YouTube videos.
1.12 Improved looking of YouTube channel page. Added ability to subscribe to channel.

2. Twitch
2.1 Added support Twitch chat in fullscreen mode. Button to hide/show Twitch chat is located over video in right bottom corner.
2.2 In Twitch playlists show more nicer filters on top panel - in row.
2.3 Click on Twitch playlist in the left panel will reload playlist content even if this playlist is active.

3. VK
3.1 Fixed missing good video quality during playback VK videos.

4. SoundCloud
4.1 Fixed incorrect shown not-english track names in search results.

5.1 Fixed not worked playback sometimes.

6. UI
6.1 Optimized playlists work.
6.2 Re-built focus work in UI. Now it is possible to use "Tab" to move between "left panel -> playlist content -> opened video window (if exist) -> search field -> left panel".
6.3 Typing in search field will minimize video.
6.4 Fixed changing currently opened YouTube channel page or Twitch channel/game page to selected before parent page if minimize and then restore player window.
6.6 Move showing notification about changing video parameters, volume and playback position to top part of video.
6.6 Minimize video to right bottom corner using Alt+3 or Numpad3. Maximize video using Alt+7 or Numpad7.
6.7 Minimized video has different color of borders depends if video has active focus or not.
6.8 Other optimizations and fixes.

7. FullScreen
7.1 Show YouTube video comments and Twitch chat in fullscreen in right panel. Added ability to hide/show and resize right panel.
7.2 Re-built hot keys support in fullscreen, fixed not worked hot keys in some cases.

8. Playback engine
8.1 Improved communication between playback engine and UI. Playback now starts/stops smoothly, without little UI freezing. Video resizing should work faster.
8.2 Fixed possible crashes during playback and reading file metadata.
8.3 Fixed memory leaks after playback stop.
8.4 Fixed possible crashes after playback stop.
8.5 Fixed bad quality of video picture sometimes.

9. Added "Codecs settings" dialog, you can find it if click on settings icon located on top bar.
9.1 To read file possible to use either built-in codecs or system codecs.
9.2 To decode audio possible to use either built-in codecs or system codecs.
9.3 To decode video possible to use either built-in codecs or system codecs.
9.4 Added ability to disable hardware acceleration during video playback.
9.5 Added ability to select if need to show video picture during playback video files located in Music playlists (for example, YouTube clips).

10. Playback rate
10.1 Added ability to change playback rate
- increase (Ctrl+Up) and decrease (Ctrl+Down) playback rate
- using context menu set constant playback rate value from list: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%(default), 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 250%, 300%
- using content menu reset playback rate to default 100%

11. "Video settings" dialog
11.1 Aded tab with video aspect ratio setup
- Default
- 4x3
- 5x4
- 16x9
- 185x100
- 235x100
- Custom
- Stretch to Window
all above listed video aspect ratio settings you can find in video context menu too.

11.2 Added tab with video geometry setup
- increase video size (Alt+9 or Numpad9)
- decrease video size (Alt+1 or Numpad1)
- increase video width (Alt+6 or Numpad6)
- decrease video width (Alt+4 or Numpad4)
- increase video height (Alt+8 or Numpad8)
- decrease video height (Alt+2 or Numpad2)
- reset video size (Alt+5 or Numpad5)
- move video left (Ctrl+4)
- move video right (Ctrl+6)
- move video up (Ctrl+8)
- move video down (Ctrl+2)
- center video (Ctrl+5)
all above listed video geometry settings you can find in video context menu too.

We have a lot of ideas that we would like to add to player. If you want to see faster progress in player development please help player to be more popular, say about player to your friends, create video about player on YouTube etc.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team

P.S. All new features translated to English and Russian. If you want to support translation of new features on other languages please update language file(s) in "languages" folder and/or contact to
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  1. Verygood's Avatar
    In version 2.4 every YouTube video has a pop up at the bottom of the screen with the video description, channel name, views etc. Any way to remove it? Or should I downgrade to patch 2.2?
  2. Vitaliy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Verygood
    In version 2.4 every YouTube video has a pop up at the bottom of the screen with the video description, channel name, views etc. Any way to remove it? Or should I downgrade to patch 2.2?
    we will add settings in next release to select if need to show youtube data over video, for now you can return to 2.2.3 version if you do not like this popup.