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CherryPlayer 2.2.12 was released!

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1. Fixed incorrect playback of about 30-40% VKontakte videos. Video is played now if use user logins on Vkontakte via player. Without login some videos won't beplayed.

2. Added support for playback videos from rutube returned in the search results of VKontakte, these videos are played directly in the player without using a flash player.

3. Now 99% of the videos from VKontakte are played directly in the player without using a flash player. Accordingly to this player's installer won't prompt to install the flash player to play some videos from VKontakte. Sometimes when searching VKontakte returns videos which links are not played (for example, reference is wrong, the video removed, etc.). In such cases will be black screen shown. There is still an ability in this case to play video in browser and make sure it is not played. (It is strongly recommended to report videos on support email if they are played in browser but are not in CherryPlayer.

4. Added an ability to choose quality of video played from VKontakte.

5. Fixed incorrect link opening in browser on Windows 10.

6. Improved Slovenian translation.

7. Updated site design.
7.1. In addition to the present option added an ability to download a player (portable version) in SFX-archives, zip archives, 7z archive, rar archive, zip archive, web installer.
7.2. Home page of the site translated into Russian:

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team.