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  1. CherryPlayer 2.4.3 released!

    In new version errors were fixed during playback music and video from Internet, also other errors were fixed and new features were added:

    1. Playback from internet. Fixed errors in playback:
    - some YouTube video
    - Twitch video
    - VK video
    - SoundCloud music
    - 4shared music and video.

    2. Updated engine to play audio and video:
    - improved YouTube playback; playback 480p, 1080p and 1440p starts now in a moment, before playback youtube ...
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  2. Вышел CherryPlayer 2.4.3!

    В новой версии исправлены ошибки при проигрывании видео и музыки из интернета, а также ...
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