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  1. Latest CherryPlayer build!

    You can download latest CherryPlayer build where Twitch works, YouTube works better, and other improvements. You can read more about improvements in our latest posts in this blog.

    Latest CherryPlayer build you can download here:

    We are stopping for now CherryPlayer development as we have not ability to continue free development and we do not see options to earn money with free version for now.
  2. CherryPlayer Pro - paid version!

    We are working now on CherryPlayer Pro paid version. We developed free version of CherryPlayer last 5 years, users ask for support more and more new features in player, development and improvements to player takes much time... and we have not more ability to improve player for free.

    CherryPlayer Pro paid version will have:

    - Twitch and VK video playback will work

    - YouTube will work better during playback 480p and 1080p, 1440p and 2140p (playback will ...
  3. Twitch does not work in CherryPlayer...

    Twitch changed some things on their side, we should use CherryPlayer ID registered on Twitch for every request to Twitch from now. We do not know why Twitch added such new rules. After these changes we will support Twitch only in paid version of CherryPlayer.

    We are working on paid version of CherryPlayer that will be released sooner with Twitch support and other improvements.

    Sincerely your CherryPlayer team
  4. Login to Twitch does not work? Please try new beta version.

    You can download new beta version here:

    In this beta version:

    1) We use Internet Explorer instead of WebKit to login to Twitch. Internet Explorer should be update to version 11.

    2) If playback from Twitch, YouTube, VK, Radio is stopped on your computer and next media is played - you can try new beta version where this bug probably has been fixed.

    3) We added ability ...
  5. Не работает логин в Twitch? Установите новую бет

    Вы можете скачать тестовую бета версию по ссылке:

    В этой бета версии:

    1) Используем Internet Explorer вместо WebKit при логине в Twitch. Internet Explorer ...
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