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  1. CherryPlayer 2.4.8 released

    New features:

    1. Added ability to change font size of all text in player. You can change font size:
    - "Main menu" -> "Skin" -> "Font size"
    - "Window settings" -> tab "Skin" -> "Font size"
    Increased default font size to 15px.
    2. Added search timeout 15 seconds.
    3. Added support opening url link from video description.
    4. Translated player to Hungarian, Korean and Slovenian. ...
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  2. CherryPlayer 2.4.7 released

    New features:
    1. Save now history of browsing between playlists. Added two buttons "Previous" and "Next" to return to previously opened playlists. Added support hot keys 'Shift+Tab' to return to previous playlist(s) and 'Ctrl+Tab' to forward to next playlist(s).
    Show context menu if left click and hold or right click on "Previous"/"Next" buttons. Show name of page on top bar after moving to previous/next ...
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  3. CherryPlayer 2.4.6 released

    Added new features:

    1) Compact Music mode
    - switch between "Normal mode"(Ctrl+Shift+Enter), "Music mode"(Shift+Enter) and "Video mode"(Ctrl + Enter) using submenu "View" or hotkeys

    2) Local search in active playlist
    - find bar is located in bottom part of playlist, it has buttons "Find previous", "Find next" and "Select all"
    - click on "Select all" button to select all ...
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  4. Вышел CherryPlayer 2.4.6


    1) Компактный "Музыкальный режим"
    - Переключаться между "Обычным режимом"(Ctrl+Shift+Enter), "Музыкальным ...
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  5. CherryPlayer 2.4.6 beta

    You can download 2.4.6 beta version with important fixes and support compact "Music mode" here:

    1. Player window freezes if click on YouTube downloading. It is old bug that we fixed.
    2. Selecting video quality during playback YouTube and Twitch. It is downgrade in 2.4.5.
    3. If start video playback first time then hot keys do not work, need to click on video window. It ...
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