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  1. CherryPlayer 2.2.12 was released!

    1. Fixed incorrect playback of about 30-40% VKontakte videos. Video is played now if use user logins on Vkontakte via player. Without login some videos won't beplayed.

    2. Added support for playback videos from rutube returned in the search results of VKontakte, these videos are played directly in the player without using a flash player.

    3. Now 99% of the videos from VKontakte are played directly in the player without using a flash player. Accordingly to this player's ...
  2. Вышел CherryPlayer 2.2.11!

    Вышел CherryPlayer 2.2.11!

    В новой версии:
    1. Устранена задержка перед проигрыванием YouTube видео с разрешением ...
  3. CherryPlayer 2.2.11 was released!

    CherryPlayer 2.2.11 has been released today!

    1. Fixed long delay before playing YouTube videos with resolution 480p and 1080p.
    2. Added support of playback 1440p and 2160p YouTube videos.
    3. For YouTube videos resolution 360p added support of playing audio with bitrate 128 kbps (previously bitrate was 92 kbps).
    4. Music from YouTube is played with bitrate 160 kbps or 128 kbps (if available, before audio bitrate was 92 kbps).
    5. 720p is set ...
  4. Выпущен CherryPlayer 2.2.10!

    Сегодня был выпущен CherryPlayer 2.2.10!

    В версии 2.2.10 мы добавили поддержку логина в аккаунт YouTube. Таким образом, ...
  5. CherryPlayer 2.2.10 Released!

    CherryPlayer 2.2.10 has been released today!

    In 2.2.10 release we added to CherryPlayer support of login to YouTube. So you can get now access to your YouTube channel, subscriptions and liked videos in CherryPlayer. Also one important change is that we replaced playlist "Most popular" in YouTube section to playlist "Popular on YouTube" that has now much more videos popular in your country.

    1. Added login to YouTube with ability ...
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