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  1. CherryPlayer 1.2.4 release!

    We are happy to announce that we released new CherryPlayer 1.2.4 version! It has a lot of fixes and updates and supports a few new features. We consider this release as a major update from last we had. More details you can find below.

    CherryPlayer 1.2.4 has been released with the following updates:

    1. Signed CherryPlayer installer with "CherryPlayer" trusted certificate!

    2. Added next internal Drag&Drop features.
    2.1. Added a feature to ...
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  2. News about following updates!

    We would like to notify you about our progress. Last week we improved focus work in player and added support some hot keys and multimedia keys. The list of hot keys will be extended later and we plan to add options where you will be able to setup your hotkeys. But adding options will be a bit later task as we have more important things to do now.

    For now we are working on adding internal drag&drop between playlists and improving external drag&drop. It seems a very important ...
  3. New features coming with CherryPlayer next weeks!

    After 2 months without much updates from us we had 3 releases of CherryPlayer last 2 weeks. Such delay was due completely changed player structure with adding support more playlists and their another view, switching between them, give user ability to manage own playlists etc. Aditionally we released downloading YouTube movies inside player.

    Now we consider a few updates next weeks:

    1. Imrove navigation, add support of hot-keys and multimedia keyboard keys
    This ...
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