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  1. CherryPlayer 2.0.9 released!

    After a few months of work we released CherryPlayer 2.0.9 where we mostly focused on a few things:
    - improving player perfomance;
    - reduce memory usage;
    - complete re-writing working with playlists;
    - prepare structure to add some new features fast in next releases.

    So if you install 2.0.9 and compare it with 2.0.8 then you probably will not find much changes from start except of fixed YouTube playback/downloading and playback. But 2.0.9 has ...
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  2. Features we are looking now!

    Hi, we have different requests from you what need to improve in player and what new features you would like to see in player.

    Now we are working on next features:
    1) Support subtitles.
    2) Support selecting audio track during video playback and switching between audio tracks.
    3) Support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) playback.
    4) Support Live Streaming playback from YouTube.
    5) Support switching between quality of played YouTube video.
    6) Support ...
  3. Bugs in YouTube HD downloading and YouTube playback

    Hi, we got comment from user that YouTube downloading did not work properly with HD quality video, low quality video was downloaded instead of high quality video. We checked and found this bug. It seems downloading YouTube video in HD quality did not work in all 2.x releases. We fixed this bug.

    Also we found again bug in playback and downloading some YouTube clips that was fixed too.

    We should release today or tomorrow 2.0.72 release with above two fixes.
  4. Features we are looking now...

    1) Improve search work. We are adding now filters to have ability to filter search results by source, date, length etc. Also we should add functionality to get more search results by request.

    2) Improve player engine work. Like said here

    Additionally we consider to add second skin to CherryPlayer.

    Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!
  5. Coming valuable updates in a few weeks!

    In a few weeks we should support in CherryPlayer:
    1) internal and external subtitles;
    2) switching audio tracks during video playback;
    3) cd/dvd;
    4) ability to select for playback either our engine or external audio/video filters installed in system.

    We know also about one "BIG" bug happened sometimes during online playback audio/video when player stops to play online audio/video and need to restart player to play next tracks/videos. This bug and some ...
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