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  1. CherryPlayer 2.5.1 released

    1. Fixed error during playback & downloading of some YouTube videos.
    2. Updated Shoutcast support of top stations, genres and subgenres.
    3. Added Audio settings to normalize Video volume and boost volume for Music and Video.
    4. Added new feature: left panel is automatically hidden/shown when start/stop video playback with ability to enable/disable this option in settings.
    5. Added new feature: paste url & title from clipboard to "Open Url/Live/Radio" ...
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  2. CherryPlayer 2.5.0 released

    1. Fixed YouTube playback errors.

    2. Improved YouTube downloading.
    2.1. Added ability to download YouTube 480p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p and 4320p.
    2.2. Added ability to download YouTube 60fps video (if available).
    2.3. Added ability to download YouTube 3D video (if available).
    2.4. Added ability to download YouTube video with custom settings - select Video and Audio streams that will be muxed in final downloaded file.
    2.5. Added "My downloads" ...
  3. CherryPlayer 2.4.8 starts with Korean translation

    We found that CherryPlayer is opened on some computers translated by default to Korean.

    You can select English translation in main menu.

    Or to fix this bug please open "CherryPlayer\Languages" folder and open Korean.ini file in Notepad and then edit this file in the begin:

    replace string
    to string

    Save changes, restart player and you will see CherryPlayer ...
  4. Some YouTube videos are not working


    We know that some YouTube video are not working. Please wait a bit for coming release where this error will be fixed.

    We are working on new CherryPlayer 2.4.9 release where YouTube downloader will be improved a lot

    Please help us to translate CherryPlayer on other languages. It is not difficult to translate CherryPlayer, just open text file in Notepad and transate English text. You can mail on if you have any questions. ...
  5. CherryPlayer 2.4.8 released

    New features:

    1. Added ability to change font size of all text in player. You can change font size:
    - "Main menu" -> "Skin" -> "Font size"
    - "Window settings" -> tab "Skin" -> "Font size"
    Increased default font size to 15px.
    2. Added search timeout 15 seconds.
    3. Added support opening url link from video description.
    4. Translated player to Hungarian, Korean and Slovenian. ...
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